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Wilshire Center District Team’s Activities

Last quarter, the sidewalk maintenance team collected 1,694 bags of trash (38,962 lbs.), dispensed approximately 4,000 doggie bags, picked up 9 bulk items, and removed 142 graffiti tags on sidewalk pots, poles, and news racks. The crew is out every Monday and Thursday sweeping the sidewalks, picking up trash, clearing gutters and painting out graffiti from street poles, news racks, and flower planters. The team empties 59 trashcans throughout the District due to the City's reduced efforts, which had led to an overflowing of the cans.

In partnership with LA Sanitation we are now monitoring over 25 new trash receptacles that have been placed throughout the Wilshire Center BID. If you see a receptacle that needs service please call 1-800-773-CITY to report it.

The landscape crew for the District's Wilshire streetscape continues to maintain all 15 medians and about 160 flower pots along Wilshire Blvd. The work consists of removal of trash, trimming of plants, watering of plants, repairing the sprinkler system, and replacing damaged plants.

The installation the drip irrigation system and new plants, the removal of the damaged tree wells along Wilshire, and planting and maintaining new street trees has begun as part of the Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Program Grant.

Over the next few months the Wilshire Center BID will be trimming (pruning) 20+ overgrown trees that are blocking streetlights and street signs and hitting buildings. You can always tell when the WCBID has trimmed (pruned) the trees, because you will see that the tops are nicely rounded and the branches have been thinned out professionally.

Last quarter, the security team assisted the City in getting over 480 bulky items picked up, made 44 calls to the City for street services, assisted in getting 321 graffiti tags cleaned up, and 2 potholes were reported and fixed. The team responded to 79 calls for assists to the LAPD and others. They issued 9 illegal vendor warnings and assisted 71 homeless individuals; 821 illegal signs were removed. The team addressed the subject of 26 belligerent transients and 2 drinking in public. The team captain attended 3 LAPD crime control meetings and attended the quarterly WC/K Business Watch meeting.

Other News

The WCBIC is still working with the RFK Community Schools and People For Parks on the possibility of opening selected areas of the RFK Community Schools Campus (lawn, basketball courts, track, etc.) on weekends to be used by the community as a Public Park. This type of LAUSD campus use has improved the lives of parents and kids in other LA neighborhoods. Security and clean-up has never been an issue at other campuses, in large part because parents and students have taken ownership over the parks.

The WCBIC staff has been working with the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health the Coordinated Entry System, Homeless Health Care Los Angeles, People Assisting The Homeless, and others to continue addressing homelessness in the District. Our team will continue to provide outreach and resources to help assist those who are stuggling with homelessness.

People requesting city services (pothole repair, pickup of bulky items, graffiti removal, etc.) can call 311 or access the free smart phone application, MyLA311. With MyLA311 people can take a picture of the problem and send it with the application for service.

For more on the Wilshire Center BID please visit us on Facebook at facebook.com/wilshirecenter.

LADWP Program Updates

LocateLA (www.locatela.org) is an innovative, web-based tool to assist prospective businesses in identifying optimal sites within the City of Los Angeles. LocateLA facilitates business site selection by integrating commercial and industrial real estate property listings with key workforce demographics, available incentives, business information, and interactive maps. You can access this free resource at www.locatela.org or you can follow the LocateLA link at ladwp.com/edd.

LADWP's Utility Infrastructure Loan Program is available to new and existing commercial or industrial LADWP customers for the purchase and installation of:
-_equipment required by the LADWP to provide electric energy or water service to the customer,
-_water conservation equipment,
-_power factor correction/power reliability equipment, and
-_solar photovoltaic systems except for the feed-in- Tariff (FiT) program.
The current loan program offers a competitive rate of 4.10% for 1 to 10 years. Visit www.ladwp.com/edd.

The Business Promotion Bill Credit (BPBC) program provides eligible new business customers with a sliding scale bill credit over a three year period. The BPBC program went into effect on October 1st, 2016 and discounts are awarded on a first come, first served basis. For more info please visit www.ladwp.com/edd or contact edg@ladwp.com or 1-800-864-4409.

A Word From Red Cross

The American Red Cross recommends that you either create a disaster preparedness kit or purchase a ready-made kit. Although no one likes to think about what will happen after a major earthquake or other emergency, the reality is that residents may need to be prepared to take care of themselves (and their family members and neighbors) for several days before outside assistance arrives. Ideally, residents should have a kit at home, at work and in the car.

At a minimum, every kit should include water (one gallon per person per day), canned or dried food that needs to be replaced every six months, first aid supplies, flashlight/radio, blankets, clothing and sturdy shoes.

If you would rather purchase a kit, there are a variety of safety and emergency kits at different prices you can find at the Red Cross online store that will meet the needs of everyone on your shopping list. For more info please visit www.redcrossstore.org.

For information about creating your own kit, how to make an emergency plan with your family, and other preparedness tips, please visit the American Red Cross Region PrepareSoCal website at www.preparesocal.org.

Video highlighting much of the work that the Wilshire Center Business Improvement District does on a daily basis was presented at the last Annual Membership Meeting.

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