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WC District Safety Team Receives Commendation From the LAPD

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Olympic Area Station, would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation for the Wilshire Center’s outstanding community serve and crime prevention efforts to improve the overall quality of life in Olympic Division.

The Wilshire Center, commonly referred to as “Wilshire BID,” has become an integral partnership with Olympic Area. This partnership began back on January 4, 2009, when Olympic Area first opened. From the beginning, Wilshire BID and Olympic Area staff merged and embraced the team concept in an effort to force multiply and make the Wilshire Corridor a safer place for all to live, work and visit. Due to this collaborative effort, the Wilshire Corridor has seen an overall decrease in criminal activity since this partnership’s commencement.

Over the past four years, Wilshire BID has worked very closely with Olympic Area’s Command Staff, Senior Lead Officers and Detectives to gather trending crime intelligence and area specific information to improve the overall quality of life issues along the Wilshire Corridor. In order to stay current on these quality of life issues, Wilshire BID personnel have taken the initiative to attend weekly crime meetings with Olympic personnel to educate themselves, facilitate an exchange of information on emerging crime trends and wanted suspects, and obtain mission specific direction to maximize their efficiency. This effort had been beneficial for developing an open line of communication between Olympic Area personnel and Wilshire BID, and has created a long-lasting partnership between both entities.

Therefore, with appreciation and justification the Los Angeles Police Department, Olympic Area would like to recognize and thank Wilshire BID for the following outstanding community service accomplishments:

  • During the period of January 3, 2011 to December 9, 2011, Olympic Area experienced a major burglary problem along the Wilshire Corridor. Olympic Detectives produced a Crime Alert Bulletin, containing a photograph of the suspect, and provided it to Wilshire BID. On December 9, 2011, Wilshire BID personnel observed this prolific burglar along the Wilshire Corridor and detained him pending the arrival of officers. As a result of this partnership, over 20 burglary cases were cleared from this incident through the District Attorney’s Office.

  • On May 22, 2013, two male suspects approached a female, who was walking along the Wilshire Corridor, and snatched her purse. Several witnesses observed the incident and alerted Wilshire BID, who in turn, gave chase after suspects and detained them. The suspects were arrested and ultimately booked for the violent crime.

  • Over the past four years, Wilshire BID personnel have participated in several community outreach events to include business watch meetings, Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB) meetings and Roll Call in the streets events with Olympic Area Senior Lead Officers.

  • During the past year, Wilshire BID and the Olympic Area Senior Lead Officers joined forces to form a Crime Watch Team that is deployed every Thursday and Friday evening from 8PM to midnight. The purpose of this team is to provide high visibility of in an effort to deter and prevent crime. The team also disseminates crime prevention information to the businesses along the Wilshire Corridor and has been very successful in alerting the public to on-going crime trends and crime prevention techniques.

Overall, the partnership formed has been very valuable and one that is greatly appreciated by the men and woman of the Los Angeles Police Department, Olympic Area.

Very truly yours,

Chief of Police

TINA M. NIETO, Captain
Area Commanding Officer
Olympic Station

The LAPD's website has a number of crime prevention tips at: http://www.lapdonline.org/prevent_crime

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