SCI-Arc students Thomas Cheng, Adam Grove, Charles Liu and Richard Molina under the direction of instructor Ilaria Mazzoleni are preparing a feasibility study for a bike sharing system within the Wilshire Center Business Improvement District. The class titled "Critical Mass: Exploring Design Solutions for Bike Sharing in LA" focuses on the region known as Wilshire Center just west of downtown Los Angeles and centered along Wilshire Boulevard. The bike sharing system would be the first of its kind in Los Angeles though joining an increasing number of such institutions across the United States and internationally. The study incorporates public surveys, field surveys, and case studies to evaluate the possibility of implementing bike sharing stations in conjunction with three subway stations, educational institutions and key commercial outlets. Among the goals for implementing such a system are to allow Angelenos to be less dependent on automobiles as their primary mode of transportation, thus reducing vehicular congestion and air pollution levels in the area. The initial proposal identifies where the first phase of bike sharing station and lockup locations would be placed across the area and outlines structural revisions for Wilshire Boulevard and its sidewalks. In addition the plan identifies thoroughfares in the area which are subject to structural revision for the safe inclusion of bicycle traffic. The final presentation is in December 2009 or January 2010, will be before several civic and governmental agencies as well as board members of the Wilshire Center Business Improvement District, the meeting will be open to the public. Details will be published by the end of November on WC web site.