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At Wilshire & Western


Be car free this day


10:00 am  How to Achieve a Cool District

Gary Russell, AIA and Christine Magar, AIA, will present an overview of the Cool District and results of the AIA COTE Visioning Charrette.


10:30 am  Case Studies

Panel moderated by Christine S. E. Magar, AIA

  • Energy-efficient Communities - Erik Aukee, AIA, Perkins & Will – Dockside Green, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Increasing Efficiency in Existing Buildings -- Joseph May PE, Getty Trust
  • How We Can Do It in LA – Lois Arkin, Los Angeles Eco Village
  • Discussion – where do we go from here?


12:00 pm   Blue Thunder – Bennie E. LeBeau, Eastern Shoshone Nation Elder - Native American Environmental efforts - inspiring environmental video

12:30 pm  California's Plans to Reduce Global Warming

Next steps with AB 32


1:00 pm  CO2 Reduction at the Source

The Future of Energy Generation – How coal, oil and gas can be replaced by solar, wind, geothermal and other renewables -- panel moderated by Jim Stewart, PhD, Organizing Director, Earth Day Los Angeles

  • The True Cost of Coal - Mike Brune, Executive Director of Rainforest Action Network
  • LADWP’s Plans to Go Green - David Nahai, General Manager LADWP (to be confirmed)
  • Future Role of Solar Generation - (speaker to be confirmed)
  • City of Los Angeles Climate Action Plan (speaker to be confirmed)

2:15 pm  Urban Gardens  and a Sustainable LA

Rufina Juarez -- South Central Farmers Representative


2:45 pm  Dangerous Impacts of Global Warming

Latest updates on the Amazon rainforest, whales, human health, rising sea levels, and what can be done -- panel moderated by John Quigley, Executive Director, Earth Day Los Angeles

  • The Amazon/Global Warming Connection - Atossa Soltani, Executive Director of Amazon Watch
  • Global Warming Impacts on Marine Life - Jeff Pantukhoff, Founder of Whaleman Foundation 
  • How Forests Reduce Global Warming - Marc Barasch, Founder of Green World Campaign 
  • Health impacts in LA - Colleen Callahan, Manger of Air Quality and Advocacy; American Lung Association Speaker
  • Diet and Global Warming - Karen Dawn, Author of “Thanking the Monkey; Re-thinking the Way We Treat Animals” The process of cultivating animals and the impact that has on Global Warming.

4:00 pm  Inspiring Environmental Videos/Closing Speakers