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At Wilshire & Hobart


Be car free this day


10 am Emcee: The Green Magician www.greenmagician.com

Visiting us from Las Vegas, the Green Earth Magic Show is unlike any other!  

10:10 am  Opening Ceremony

The day’s activities commence on the Pixie Stage as the children receive a magical blessing by Gigi Ridgeway with her Fairy Wand.

10: 20 am  Insect Rock  www.myspace.com/iloveinsectsrock

This 4-piece band sings their 1970's retro-style pop songs about Bugs, Life & positive affirmations.

10:50 am  Bob Ferber and his Super Dogs  www.vftafoundation.org

Bob rescues special-needs and unadoptable dogs and cats, and will bring his own rescued pets to Earth Day and talk to kids about reverence for all life.

10:10 am  Green Magic Tricks

11:20 am  Animal Puppet Show- "Please Take Care of Me" www.vftafoundation.org/humaneeducation.htm
Heather and Midnight the Cat explain to their friend Robert, a new pet owner, all the things one must do to properly take care of cats and dogs in "Please Take Care of Me".

10:50 am  Green Magic Tricks

12:00 pm  Illumina the Light Princess

Illumina will entertain with her exciting musical message of how to heal ourselves and our beautiful planet with Love.


12:30 pm  Gypsy Hoop Dance w/ Miss Krisy Rose http://gypsyhoop.com

Children and parents get to participate and express themselves in the art and joy of hoop dance.


1:00 pm  Green Magician

1:05pm  Sage Ryan sings for Global Warming www.myspace.com/ragtimesageryan
This 8 year old will sing the song he wrote about Global Warming that he performed for Al Gore.

1:15 pm  Earth Heroes
A guided, magical, interactive, hypnotic journey to take care of the planet.   Tess will also talk about her " Express Yourself for Earth" contest that inspires youth ages 9-17 to become creative in taking care of our planet.

1:50 pm  SPROUT Organic Kids Clothing FASHION SHOW www.sproutkidsclothing.com

Sprout uses super soft bamboo, organic cotton and other organic and sustainable fabrics such as kira (made from corn) and soy for kids. Come see Sprouts on the runway!

2:05pm Green Magic Tricks

2:15 pm  Kiddle Karroo’s “Earth Day” Puppet Show  web.mac.com/kiddlekaroo

Kiddle and her Tree Sprite puppet pals learn valuable lessons about recycling, preserving natural resources and keeping our planet clean.   The kids are empowered with the knowledge that they too can make a difference!


2:45 pm  Balinese Monkey Chant

Kids will be guided into a dynamic performance where all are encouraged toward expression.  

3:00 pm  Laughing for a healthy heart and Stress Free Life with Guru Ramesh


3:15 pm   "7 Little Monkeys" Book reading & Monkey Yoga

Kids yoga instructors read and guide kids through interactive belly breathing as a calming after the excitement of Monkey Chant; kids experience that they can be calm themselves in any situation life gives them. .

3:30 pm  Anje Sings

3:35pm Green Magic Tricks

3:45 pm   “Story of the Vanishing of the Bees” presented by Maryam Henein www.vanishingbees.com

Maryam will share this story with the children whose future may depend on saving the bees.

3:50pm LAUSD Garden Program & Planting Ritual with Mud Baron and Gigi Ridgeway

Mud Baron and his students will display garden products & inspire kids to garden with an interactive planting ritual.   Each child will receive a small pot & cherry tomato seeds.   Gigi will lead them in a prayer over their seedling.   Kids will take their pots home to grow locally and soon eat the literal fruits of their labor.

4:15 pm  Closing Healing Circle Ceremony

Song & Chant led by Gigi Ridgeway to seal the good energy generated all day.

4:20 pm  Everybody Ona Move! To see Michael Franti on the Solar Stage in the Park



Kids will dig in the dirt and plant small drought tolerant plants.


Paint-by-numbers Mural Wall - Kids will paint with professional artist George Jacob to create a beautiful and lasting reminder for the community reflecting what was learned and committed to on this day.



Many creative temporary designs by Nusheen Ethereal Light Princess, Illumina, and StarDust!


Kids learn they can be Super Heroes too!   Kids learn 3 everyday eco-practices, are presented with certificate of Super Hero of choice and take a photo wearing Clean Air Action Avengers costumes. Kids can e-mail Clean Air Fairy at www.cleanairfairy@alac.org to avoid paper trail and get more info on what's going on at the American Lung Association.


Stilt Circus   www.stiltcircus.com
Stilt Circus's creative, educational and interactive experience informs the public of "green lifestyle choices," conscious living and Global Sustainability through performance art and stilt theater.   Come see 12 ft. flowers!

Balinese Monkey Chant Interactive Workshops www.onepeople.com
Monkey Chanting will inspire people to open up and find their voice.   Together we will build community connection and energy through opening our individual voices powerfully while inter-weaving with and simultaneously listening to, the many voices of others in our community.

"Freedom Sounds" Traditional Korean Drumming
Freedom Sounds is a traditional Korean drumming group that creates an open space where everyone can play, dance and sing together. The drums represent various elements of nature, and with each drumbeat we hear the heartbeat of people, the sound of freedom.

Bebuddies EnviroNate Walking Earth Character www.bebuddies.com
EnviroNate is a "Little Life Coach" for kids sharing the building blocks of character, and how to be in touch with one's feelings, thoughts and actions.   The Bebuddies encourage kids to move in harmony, and will have coloring books for kids.

Altar Your Reality www.altaryourreality.com
"Living Altars" will be created in this public venue to create Sacred Space in the park.   The four directions will be represented: North, East, South, West, as well as the elements of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth.   The Star Temple is a six-pointed tetrahedron structure that rises up from the ground magically providing shade and peace.