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Celebrate Earth Day April 22


Be car free this day


Stilt Circus


Stilt Circus offers a creative, educational and interactive experience for all ages.  Their goal is to inform the public of “green lifestyle choices,” conscious living and Global Sustainability through performance art and stilt theater.  Come see 12 ft. flowers and farmer!


Balinese Monkey Chant (interactive)

~The Rhythmic Interplay of Community Voices~

A participation-performance, building community energy and power through the weaving of voices.  Monkey Chanting will inspire people to open up and find their voice.  Together they will build community connection and energy through opening our individual voices powerfully while inter-weaving with and simultaneously listening to, the many voices of others in the community.

Traditional Korean Drumming – “Freedom Sounds”

Freedom Sounds is a traditional Korean drumming group that promotes community activism, collective spirit and cultural resistance rooted in the Pilbong Pungmul-gut. The drums represent various elements of nature, and with each drumbeat we hear the heartbeat of people, the sound of freedom. They create an open space where everyone can play, dance and sing together. Through dance, music, art, theater, ritual, celebration, and everything else that makes us human, Freedom Sounds is working towards creativity, healing and unity of all people.


Bebuddies EnviroNate Walking Earth Character


“Nate the Earth” is a "Little Life Coach” for kids! Sharing the building blocks of character, being in touch with ones feelings, thoughts and actions, the Bebuddies encourage kids to move with each day in harmony. EnviroNate will have coloring books for kids.


Altar Your Reality


Altar Your Reality will bring "Living Altars" into this public venue to create Sacred Space surrounding the Main Stage, offering people an experience of the beautiful possibility that they may find peace within themselves amidst the chaos of everyday mundane living.

The four directions will be represented: North, East, South, West, as well as the elements of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth.


The Star Temple is a six-pointed tetrahedron star structure that rises up from the ground magically providing shade, while creating additional structural interest.