Some of WCBID accomplishments from August 1995 to August 2010:


1995: Established the first business improvement district in Los Angeles, the WCBID.

1995 to 1998: Planted over 2,000 trees and installed 80 flower pots and provided the maintenance for their upkeep.

1995 to 1998: Organized 20 Saturday tree planting block parties with the assistance of TreePeople.

1995 to present: Helped establish and provided leadership for the Wilshire Center/Koreatown CRA Project Area with potential funds of over 200 million dollars.

1996 to present: Provided the ongoing maintenance of a two mile landscaped median along Wilshire Blvd.

1996 to present: Played an instrumental role in the creation of 25 new jobs and provided work opportunities for over 200 individuals.

1996 to 2010: Collected over 60,000 bags of trash.

1996 to 2010: Removed over 20,000 bulky items.

1996 to 2010: Assisted in getting over 15,000 graffiti tags cleaned up.

1996 to 2010: Removed over 40,000 stickers from light poles, news racks, fences & buildings.

1996 to 2010: Assisted over 1,500 homeless individuals.

1996 to 2010: Responded to over 4,000 calls for assistance from the LAPD and others and assisted in over 40 felony arrests.

1996 to 2010: Issued over 5,000 illegal vendor warnings.

1996 to 2010: Published about 60 Wilshire Center Newsletters and created the popular website.

1998: Removed old news racks from frontage along Wilshire Blvd. and replaced them with modular news racks.

1998 to 2006: Sponsored a number of lunchtime concerts and holiday cheer programs.

1998 to 2010: Prevailed upon the City to do sidewalk repairs as well as repairing over 2,000 potholes.

2000 to 2009: Distributed over 4,500 Wilshire Center District maps.

2000 to present: Supported the Wilshire Center Business Watch.

2003: Established the Wilshire Center/Koreatown Neighborhood Council.

2004: Prevailed upon the City to install a new left turning light from Wilshire Blvd. onto Irolo Street.

2004 to present: Implemented a holiday lights program.

2005: Helped establish the Wilshire Center Farmers Market.

2005 to 2010: Prevailed upon the City to repair over 200 streetlights that were out due to burnouts and wire tampering.

2006: Assisted in the creation of Wilshire Angel’s Walk, which is a self-guided historical tour by way of stanchion panels along Wilshire Center’s sidewalks.

2006: Supported the skateboard park at Lafayette Park.

2006: Helped to establish the Kennedy Inspiration Park along Wilshire Blvd. at the old Ambassador site.

2007 to 2010: Trimmed over 300 trees.

2007: Prevailed upon the City to install 87 new street lights with bright white lamps along Wilshire Blvd.

2007: The District Board signed on to a 2% Solution Climate Reduction Pledge. This pledge sets the goal of reducing the district’s global warming carbon dioxide (CO2) by at least 2% per year over the next 40 years.

2007 to present: Helped find creative solutions to traffic issues within our community.

2007 to 2009: Hosted a Business Resource Fair and three Wilshire Corridor Forums

2008: Implemented the first Cool District in North America with the goal of reducing the district’s CO2 by 30% by 2025 by providing a free energy audit program for district buildings.

2008 to present: Created the Annual Earth Day/Car Free Day event.

2008: Participated with AIA/LA COTE on three Wilshire Center Cool District Eco-Charettes.

2008 to 2010: Development of a District

Carbon Master Plan, bike sharing program, and a district watershed program

2009 to present: Provided leadership for the Olympic Area Community Police Advisory Board.

2009: Secured funds for a community security camera program managed by the LAPD.

2009: Refurbished most medians between Wilton and Hoover.

2010: Organized peaceful walks against crime, gangs, graffiti and drugs.

2010: Organized neighborhood cleanup events.